Grandma Friendly Groceries

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo:ย Groceries
If you need to buy groceries that are gluten free (GF) or, as my 3 year old grandson says, “Grandma Friendly,” there are more choices then ever before. Ten years ago, when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease, “Gluten Free” supermarket aisles didn’t exist. You either made your own version of bread/muffins/cake or ordered from a catalogue or online. Crackers, pasta and snacks were hard to find.

Gluten free used to be synonymous with cardboard – both texture and flavor-wise. Since manufacturers jumped on the GF bandwagon (for better or worse) in the last decade, the situation has improved. GF versions of staples such as bread, crackers and cereal almost taste like the gluten filled real thing. If you close your eyes…and have a short memory. Some are tastier than others.

Labeling accuracy is still sometimes iffy, but for the most part a bit of research is all that’s necessary before venturing down the grocery aisle.

gluten free aisle
Grocery Aisle


Unless, of course, you want to skip some of the label reading and head to an outside aisle.

Outside Aisle

Also Grandma Friendly.

21 thoughts on “Grandma Friendly Groceries

  1. I can only imagine how difficult it is to find food that’s GF. It is nice there are more and more products available. I agree – the fresh veggies are the best. The ‘grandma friendly’ twist is very clever. Nice photos too!!

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      1. I bet it is. I like your enthusiasm. There are worse things in life compared to the idea that your food choices are limited to the stuff that’s good for all of us to eat. I’d have a really tough time giving up my Tostitos though…sliced peppers are crunchy but that salt factor only comes with the dip I dip ’em in. It is gluten free though!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Way to keep persevering with your challenges, I’m inspired.

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      2. Thanks Shelley. It is encouraging that Tostitos and, my personal favorite: Riceworks rice chips, are GF.
        In a way the diet restrictions keep the diet healthier overall…IF (and that’s a big if) you don’t gravitate towards all the baked goods – which are usually LESS healthy (contrary to the media portrayal). The biggest challenge is trying to eat out safely.
        Thanks for your comment and I will now get off my soapbox LOL.

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      3. You’re welcome. I’m happy to encourage people who are struggling with finding healthy food to eat. I’ve seen many who go the less healthy route and remain frustrated. I bet eating out is tough to do.
        No worries – you have every right to be on a soapbox and to share what you’ve learned. ๐Ÿ™‚

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