Inspired by Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo: Stone


An 1846 “Settlers’ House and Barn” is the site for this magnificent stone chimney.

The house – located on the grounds of the Shelburne Museum in Vermont – is “constructed of hand-hewn beech and pine timbers.”

stone chimney

An example of lasting craftsmanship…and the durability of stone.

Nearby…more stones…in a wall behind a flower garden. A mysterious massive stone with a hole in the middle was propped against it. I imagine it was designed for a purpose, but I could not find out what that purpose may have been. It was one of several on display.

Ideas anyone?

An interesting sight, nonetheless.

stone wall


5 thoughts on “Stone

  1. Lovely photos, the cabin looks fabulous with it’s stone chimney and wood. The hole in the rock? It has to be for a specific need I guess? Looks as though it were cut with a modern cutting bit.

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