This post inspired by Lens-Artists Challenge #50

The prompt – Trees

I enjoyed trees all around me at my former home. In the quiet neighborhood where we raised our two children. Surrounded by…red maple, white birch, oak, dogwood, hemlocks, peach and apple trees.

We discovered some were hardier than others.

A favorite survivor was the white dogwood.

Dogwood Tree

It was framed by a red maple and an oak tree that we planted as a baby in the ’90’s. Tucked in the backyard. Birches and hemlocks peeking out from behind.

The maple tree planted by the town stood curbside and center in the front yard. It transformed to white after a late winter snowstorm during our final year there.

snow maple
Maple tree

It lasted over 30 years…
Still standing the day we moved out.



17 thoughts on “Trees

  1. Beautiful memories – every time you share snippets of your past while you raised your kids I’m touched. I often wonder what it would be like to move on from our home of 30 years. There are no plans to do so, but I appreciate seeing it is possible like you’ve made it appear to be. Even if some memories still tug at our hearts, we can move on and change locations. Your photos are lovely as always. Your kids are fortunate you gave them such a lovely place to launch from.

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    1. Thank you Shelley. They are beautiful memories. It is possible to move on from a home like ours, but it is bittersweet for sure. I think our kids had a hard time adjusting to the fact of our move almost as much as we did. Even though they lived far away.

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      1. You’re welcome. Memories to treasure, that’s for sure. I think our kids would have a hard time if we moved from our home too – like yours, they’re far away, but still love that ‘home’ to come back to.

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