This post inspired by Lens-Artists Challenge #48

The Prompt: Wild

Want some fungus, Ma?

My son’s favorite joke when he was growing up.

I loved mushrooms. He did not. I think it was the texture, because when I chopped them up into really small pieces…he didn’t spot any in the tuna casserole.

If his eagle eye discovered any recognizable mushroom sections, he calmly plucked them out. And arranged them in a semi-circle around the edge of his dinner plate.

When his grade school education included a science lesson on what constitutes a fungus, his delight in passing on this gem of information was palpable.

It didn’t stop me from eating mushrooms however. Fungus or no fungus. They are delicious. And nutritious.

One day last year, during my walk around the neighborhood, I spotted a clump of wild mushrooms.

The color is what I noticed first.

This fungus did not end up in a tuna casserole.

wild mushrooms
Wild Mushrooms


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