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Forty years ago my husband and I took a “Fly and Drive” vacation to California. A delayed honeymoon. It was our first trip to the west coast. I had always wanted to see where movies were made and where movie stars lived.

First stop was San Francisco, where we rented a car (which kept breaking down, but that’s another story). For the next week, we traveled down Highway I-5 (if I remember correctly), ending up in Los Angeles.

However, San Francisco, with its steep hills and the Golden Gate Bridge, was extra special.

We rode the cable cars.
Ate at Fisherman’s Wharf.
Thoroughly enjoyed “Beach Blanket Babylon” at Club Fugazi.
Bought multiple souvenir t-shirts.
Snapped this photo!

ship's wheel SF014 copy
Ship’s Wheel
August 1979
35mm film


12 thoughts on “Wheel

  1. I recently read the Beach Blanket Babylon is closing after 40 some years. So sad. it was a hoot. Hmm. Do people still compare things to a hoot or am I showing my age. 🙂

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    1. That is really too bad. It is such a fun show. I agree it was a hoot. Hoot is a perfect word and I am proud to still use it 🙂 !
      I actually saw the show twice – it was updated (as it always has been) the 2nd time – in 1994. Still a hoot! Especially those enormous crazy hats!

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