Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cold and Warm

Here is my entry for this week’s challenge hosted by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The theme this week is: Cold and Warm

Snowstorms happen.
When you own a home…with a driveway…the snow gets in the way.
It is cold…and wet…and heavy.
And – right after it falls to the ground – beautiful.

However, removing the snow can be quite a challenge, especially when over a foot deep.
Which, of course, must be measured and documented.

Staying warm during the snow removal process requires:
Many layers of clothing
Jacket and ski pants
Plus gloves
Plus hat…and hood.

If you are lucky, the sun shines…
Spreading the illusion of warmth.

As was the case… one day-after-the-storm in 2015.

Post 3 day blizzard – January 28, 2015 
30 inches of snow

So continued the thought process…Time To Move To A Condo!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cold and Warm

      1. Great minds think alike! You’re welcome, I’m glad I found time to stop by to see what you’ve been up to. I’m so slow to getting around to reading and commenting, one would think that I’m buried deep in the snow somewhere!

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  1. This is making me shiver for sure, just because I haven’t seen snow or went to any place ever where snow falls.
    So yes, I may need all those extra layers of clothing just for even 3 inches 🙂

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