This post is inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #28: Recipe


kitchen table014


Family Dinner (serves 4)

4 Family Members
1 table – any size or shape. (Clean – free of crumbs, junk mail & old newspapers)
4 chairs – preferably facing each other.
4 knives – (delete knife for young children)
4 forks
4 spoons
4 plates and cups.
Napkins – 4 or more, depending on need.

Preheat or Cool room to comfortable temperature.

Prepare and assemble food of any kind.
Chicken, potatoes, carrots. Or pizza. Or take-out.
Enough for 4.
Beverage of choice.

Mute and remove all phones from the room.
Turn off television if present.
Turn on music (low) if desired (if the music streams from phone, place out of reach).

Serve meal to all 4 family members seated at the table – portion sizes as requested.
Place napkins on laps.

Commence eating slowly, putting utensils down between each bite.
Look at other family members directly. Make eye contact. Smile.

Taking turns, ask one another questions such as:
– How was your day?
– What did you do at school?
– What’s new?
– How about those Red Sox?

If all questions are answered before the meal is over:
– Reminisce about the old days when family dinners happened all the time.
– And how once you pretended to eat liver, but actually slipped it to the dog.
– And how you walked 2 miles uphill to go to school.
– And then home for lunch and back again.

Discussion of politics is optional.

Use table manners as discussed in “Table Manners for Family Dinners.”
For example…
Say Please, Thank You, You’re Welcome and May I Please Be Excused.
Refrain from burping, belching or open mouth chewing.

When everyone is finished eating, offer dessert if desired.
Repeat nightly.
As much as possible.

Keep warm.




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  1. I recognize that table. I miss our shared meals! And I love the sentiment, connecting, being together, so often missing in today’s hustle and bustle. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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