6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This photo is the shade of spring green I’ve never been able to capture in a poem. Lovely, lush late April and May! Attention gets paid here in the city, where beauty is at such a premium. But when leaves turn dark (like now), trees are lost to buildings, stores, cars, etc. Only in parks can you really “see” them…

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  2. We have an abandoned golf course across the street from us which has been allowed to get wild and natural. A great place to walk a dog or merely walk. It is a joy to watch it turn deep green in May. Thanks for reminding me to pay attention.

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      1. yes… gold fish swim in schools in an old pond (water hazard) the water turtles are huge — maybe 18-20 inches long. Ground hogs occasionally climb trees. 🙂 Deer don’t care about you as long as you don’t make sudden moves in their direction or have a dog with you. :-0

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