Now that’s odd…and very cool

OneWordSunday: Odd
BeckyB’s Squares Challenge: SquareOdds

This car was a sight to see during a visit to Washington, DC this past November. As odd as it appeared, it looked more like a work of art to me.

I’ll bet there is quite the story behind it.

36 thoughts on “Now that’s odd…and very cool

  1. Among the outsider intelligencia these are known as “art cars.” There are hundreds, if not thousands, across the nation, built on themes as varied as imagination can make them, from baby dolls to the renowned (and enormous) “Cathedral Car.” They turn up in small numbers at fringe events all over the nation.

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      1. A good place to find them is among the fringe arts community ~ warehouse district gallery openings, people’s festivals, like that.

        Attend a downtown poetry open mic, sit through the good, the bad and the even worse, and ask the true degenerates left hanging around at the end where to go from there to find the cars.

        You’re sure to meet some fascinating people and see some unforgettable things on the way! Happy hunting, my friend.

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