Melancholy Macro Monday

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Melancholy

Even though Monday brings to mind Macro Monday, today I was sidetracked by Heather’s most timely RDP prompt. Ah yes…melancholy.

Is that what this is? The dark clouds overhead when I reluctantly open my eyes in the early morning hours? Metaphorically speaking, but there they are. Hovering. Amorphous. Heavy. As I ponder the day ahead. Wondering what crisis may await. I run a household and a condo board.

The pandemic was supposed to be mostly “over” by now (think vaccines people). Hospitals were supposed to get a break from the insanity and constant threat of personal harm.

I thought my third journal about life in the pandemic would remain half full. Bizarrely there are towers of disinfectant wipes and toilet paper on sale. They can’t give those away now.

There’s more to say, but that’s all for now.

I am not unfamiliar with melancholy. But the older I get, the less energy I have to fight it.

It’s probably why it took all day to finish this post. I tell myself…at least I did.

Patience is on my side.

16 thoughts on “Melancholy Macro Monday

  1. I wish you could come over and take a long walk in the Big Empty and see the big, blue sky and the migrating raptors and maybe a crane or two. Where we are now is incomprehensible — or was and when I did fully comprehend it, it didn’t help much.

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    1. Oh, I wish I could too. What a peaceful, healing scene that would be. Thank you for understanding. Trying to make sense of the incomprehensible is exhausting. How can there be such a scarcity of kindness in even the most unlikely of places? I think of what your plumber said. His words of wisdom. Sigh.
      That song…well…wow. Thanks for sharing it. “Some days are honest, some days are not.” I like U2, but hadn’t heard it before. Thank you for this. ❤️

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      1. My plumber is a sage. That U2 song has cheered me up innumerable times.

        I went out yesterday, totally burdened by the realization that “those people” want me to care about their opinions and feelings but they don’t care about the LIVES of other people. I fully understood what that meant and was having a hard time with that awareness. So, Bear and I took off, had nice walk and a long, rewarding drive to see distant things in the Big Empty that I love. We had some good luck with birds. I’ll write about it tomorrow, but anyway, I felt returned to myself after that. It is very healing and so good at putting me into perspective. ❤

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      2. You have the best place to walk in. “Those people” can fade away, at least for a while. I have a path into woods near me, but I am waiting until the bugs are gone. At least that’s what I tell myself when the inertia sets in. Gotta get through it. My pond is there…and my crooked tree. And, yes, a degree of peace. ❤️
        I also think I need to stop asking myself…what is wrong with people??

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      3. I had that thought yesterday. I can’t fix all these people. I’m 3 months away from 70 which freaks me out a bit. I don’t have time to waste on bogus idiots on whom I have no influence at all. I have some good friends, even more amiable acquaintances and the Big Empty. It’s all I’ve ever had, so there’s really no loss. I love your photos of your walk in the woods.

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      4. Thanks so much, Martha. I will get back out there. Yeah, I can’t fix the bogus idiots either. So much fixing is needed! But yeah at our age, there is no time to waste on all that we can’t control (which can be hard to remember). Friends are everything.

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