Macro Monday: Christmas in March?

I’m going to take it as a sign of hope…my decades old Christmas Cactus is showing signs of life after months of…just collecting dust. Lots of dust. Perhaps the fact that I recently gave it a brief shower in the kitchen sink helped. And a shot of fertilizer while I was at it.

My reward? This morning I noticed a BUD…in the sun! Even if it’s the only flower that shows up on my aging plant, it will be a welcome bit of color as we wait for Spring.

10 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Christmas in March?

  1. What a lovely gift! I don’t think I have ever really noticed the texture of my cactus buds that closely before. I really like how out of the darkness comes all that colour.

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  2. I’m jealous! I’ve revived my ailing Christmas cactus after kind of ignoring it for some months, but haven’t been rewarded with a bud (yet). A sign of hope that bud is!

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