Then he gave me a sticker

Six Word Saturday

Are you excited?

…he asked as he swabbed my upper left arm round and round with an alcohol wipe…hypodermic needle poised above my exposed skin in the cold winter air.

I was sitting in the driver’s seat of my car in the parking lot at our local high school. Cars & pickup trucks were lined up behind the lot until directed to park in every other space to wait. The scene was similar to 3 weeks earlier when I received my first shot. New Hampshire National Guard personnel were in charge and the process was smooth and professional.

This past Wednesday I received my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Scheduling had been an anxiety filled website challenge, but my online persistence paid off. Despite all of that, I was filled with an overwhelming gratitude to finally be able to take my turn.

However…excited? Not really. I am just too exhausted – and perhaps numb – from the past year for that quite yet.

As he plunged the needle into my arm, injecting hope for the future, I answered him…

More like relieved.

Excitement will come with time.

19 thoughts on “Then he gave me a sticker

  1. As a volunteer nurse at a clinic, I’ve been in the business of vaccinating for the last few weeks. I have seen different reactions from the people coming in. Some do say they are excited, some worried about possible reactions, and others just very thankful and relieved to reach this point. Huge smiles on some faces are worth coming out of retirement and lending a hand.

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    1. A big Thank You to you for volunteering! A good friend of mine is also a retired RN who has been helping out at another vaccination site. She has had the same experience as you. Yes, there is every reason to smile…no matter what. 🙂


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