Lens-Artists Challenge: From Forgettable to Favorite

Lens-Artists Challenge #134: From Forgettable to Favorite

This week we’re hoping you’ll show us a few images that may not have met your original expectations but that through editing you’ve turned into “keepers”. Here’s hoping you’re willing to share similar experiences demonstrating your use of editing to improve results.


When I read Tina’s challenge topic for this week, I immediately thought of a recent photography disappointment. I had taken a few shots of a brief, but beautiful, scene outside my window a few weeks ago. The sun had just started to come out after a hard rain. Raindrops seemed to be suspended from all the bare tree branches behind my building…glistening (yes, glistening!) in the afternoon light. I acted on impulse at the sight – grabbed my camera, stepped onto the little porch off my second floor condo…and went to work.

However, the results did NOT match reality. So I chalked it up to…well…maybe next time.


This challenge brought the photo out again. I thought…why not give it the old editing try.

I adjusted the contrast, highlighting and shadows. The rain reflections popped out. But it wasn’t until I cropped it that I was satisfied with the results. The power lines then seemed to blend in with the tree branches as well.


Now THAT’s what I saw!

13 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: From Forgettable to Favorite

  1. Well done – and to be able to say “That’s what I saw” must be so satisfying! I often find it difficult to bring out just what I saw, and when I sometimes succeed, I am very happy too. So glad you tried this one – and made us all see what you saw!

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