One Word Sunday: Night


Petworth Neighborhood – Washington, DC
February 21, 2020
6:26 PM

The last time I was able to visit my family in Washington DC was this past February. Four days with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson. A dinner out with my son. Memories made.

It was right before the pandemic exploded onto the scene here in the United States.

Little did I know on this beautiful moonlit night that I wouldn’t be able to see my kids again for many months to come.

11 thoughts on “Night

  1. Big hug. It’s just so strange and for us, given all that we have, conveniences and progress and science and everything, always a little unreal. But it’s real. We got emergency warnings on our phone today about how dangerous it is now in our community. I hope it’s over soon and you can visit your family again.

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    1. Thank you. ❤️ It is indeed incredibly strange and surreal. Day after day. And, yes, cases are multiplying here too. I hope the vaccine is as promising as they say, so visits can be safe again…soon.

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