Lens-Artists Challenge: Focus on the Subject

Lens-Artists Challenge #121: Focus on the Subject

…we invite you show us an image that uses leading lines, patterns, color, contrast, selective focus, freezing the action, doorways or arches, or the eyes of humans or animals to draw our attention to the subject.


The window in my computer/writing room faces the woods in back of our condo building. It also overlooks our tiny porch. I removed the screen from this window a while back, so that if the mood struck I could quickly open it and click away.

Last month, one such moment took place – a glorious tree decked out in Autumn colors framed within the outline of the porch railings. Leading lines and patterns contribute to the frame…

View from the window

Selective focus is perhaps my favorite photography technique. A cluster of “baby apples” at a local orchard caught my attention….

Baby Apples

A walk in the woods at the end of a beautiful fall afternoon led to this discovery. Lines everywhere courtesy of the late day sunlight…

Tree lines

Our local park is surrounded by a paved pathway for walkers like me. However since the pandemic began, social distancing signs and directional arrows were added. The two way path was now one way.

You can’t miss that yellow…

Go this way

Last but not least….when I was taking this shot I initially intended to capture a lake view where my family was enjoying our “covidcation.” I liked the scene with a lone figure sitting off to the side. At first I didn’t notice one very observant pup looking straight at me, but I soon did. His name is Taco and he doesn’t miss a trick.


18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: Focus on the Subject

  1. Hi, Andrea. I think your collection really works for this week’s theme. The frame around the tree really helps draw our eyes to the subject. The color and patterns also help us focus on the subject in your 2nd and third shots. Beautiful images. In the last image, my eyes went to the girl. I love the mood in that shot. I noticed the pup after I read your description. He’s adorable!

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    1. Thank you Patti. I am glad my photos were on the right track and fit the theme. Apparently that last photo ended up with the focus on the person (for other viewers) – which was my original intent. Interesting to note what other perspectives are. 🙂

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  2. A smart and beauriful collection – and I agree with the others – I would never have noticed the dog in that photo if you hadn’t told me. Love his name too…and he looks very curious.We have the same thoughts about selective focus, somehow it is very satisfying to use. Love those baby apples!

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      1. Welcome! And I’m glad you did point him out, he’s a cutie! It definitely changes the perspective of the photo if you choose to shift your attention/focus on a different point.

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