Lens-Artists Challenge: What a Treat

Lens-Artists Challenge #120: What a Treat

We’d love for you to share something that was a treat for you – a visit from your grandchildren, a special event, a recipe you really loved, maybe even a Halloween surprise ….it’s up to you.


My choice for this week’s challenge may seem kind of odd, but a recent package in the mail turned out to be quite a treat. And fitting for this election time of year. These days most everything is…well…odd.

I was recently in touch with my one and only cousin for the first time in several years. Her mother was my father’s much older sister and as a result we shared a set of grandparents.

She lived nearby our grandparents for most of her life (I did not) and knows more about them than I do. I wanted to learn about our grandmother’s history, as my father had only researched his father’s ancestry – and not his mother’s. For some reason, the maternal lineage is not as interesting? I think not. That’s usually where all the stories are.

I emailed my cousin, asking if she had any information about Grammy’s ancestors. She promptly called me on the phone, shared some hilarious memories and said she’d see what she could find regarding a family tree and “anything else.” The box of “anything else” arrived within the week.

What a treat.

Apparently Grammy’s father – J. J. Green – was involved in local politics in the tiny town of Graysville, Tennessee where she grew up. My cousin had an old photocopy of one of J. J.’s campaign “posters” – a musty yellowed 8″ x 11″ sheet of paper with Grammy’s notes penciled in around the border. 

What a fascinating peek into small town political history. I had to smile at the line: “the best moral comes through the influence of women.” A bigger smile for Grammy’s comment…”he always won everything he run for….”

I know nothing else about my great grandfather, but I sure am curious!

My cousin also sent a few photographs, several crocheted handkerchieves and a stack of written out memories from various family members.

Among the photographs…an undated black & white image of J. J. labeled “in the living room.”

I’d vote for this guy!

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: What a Treat

  1. What a great treasure from your cousin. Wonderful family history. I also love that line about women and their morals! It’s true that people who aren’t discussed in our family have the most secrets! I love unraveling those mysteries in my family, too!

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  2. A wonderful treat – and certainly there is more to come! He looks an interesting man, and so nice to get closer to your cousin as well.
    I must confess I started answering a comment from you some time ago – and then suddenly both answer and comment disappeared. I searched your site, but everything seemed lost in cyberspace. I don’t know if you noticed, but I thought I had to clarify as I was mystified myself. I can’t say when this was, but I woud guess the previous challenge. So sorry about it.

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    1. Thank you – it was a treat and a surprise one at that. I hope to keep in closer touch with my cousin!
      I don’t know what happened to your comment, but please don’t worry about it. I’ve had comments do a disappearing act as well. It’s those WordPress ghosts!


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