Window Magic

BeckyB’s October Squares: Kind


At first I resisted…it was relatively early this morning (for me anyway)…when my husband summoned me from my ever lengthening getting-ready-for-the-day rituals.

H: Hey come here. I want to show you something!

Me: What?

H: Come on!

Me: What is it?…grumble grumble.

H: Come see!…all bright and cheery, the morning person that he is.

What could I do?



The condensation on the outside of one of our picture windows had been opening into an ever widening viewfinder…revealing a splendid Autumn display.

Getting ready for the day would have to wait a few minutes…for this one of a kind moment.

34 thoughts on “Window Magic

      1. Hahaha, me neither! 🙂 My PE teachers despised me and the feeling was quite mutual. And I never made it into the “In” crowd, but that was probably a blessing…as I suspect, for many of them, their glory days are long over.

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      2. For me, it set the course for gaining contentment with how odd/unique I was…and still am…and that it was fine to enjoy my own company and interests, not be part of a group–though it seems society views having a circle of lifelong friends as the “ideal”. While I’m sure that can be very enriching and fulfilling–my lone-ranger style feels equally so…and simpler 🙂

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