Lens-Artists Challenge: A Photo Walk

Lens-Artists Challenge #117: A Photo Walk

You are invited to share your photo walk, whether park, beach or street.


Every walk I take usually ends up as a “photo walk,” transforming most walks into their own photo diaries. I often head towards the beautifully landscaped neighborhood next to mine. It consists of single homes which are part of a condo development. A pond, located in one curve of the road, supplies water for potential firefighting purposes (I think).

Photo opportunities have been plentiful along this street, but not just for the flowers. It has also been the home of various wildlife – both winged and webbed.

Back in May I attempted to photograph a duck family making its way across the pond. Little did I know that by September the water level would be reduced to a fraction of what it once was. A drought has hit the northeast United States (in this case New Hampshire) and sights like this are becoming more and more common.

As we all know…what a difference a few months can make.

No more ducks, fish, turtles or frogs when I pass by. I wonder, where did they go? 😦

Not all wildlife is gone however. A family of deer (looks like a family to me) and I meet at a bend in the road every so often. In August, I was mesmerized as – after the first one stared at me for about 30 seconds – they crossed one by one to the woods on the other side, bringing to mind the age old question…

Why did the deer cross the road?

I must clarify…they actually sauntered across the road, not seemingly in any big hurry. I’d like to think they’d seen me before and figured a human with camera in hand was a safe bet. They hung out in their destination spot for a few minutes…too hidden from view for another photo.

This bright autumn display greeted me during a walk last week. Fortunately I took the picture when I did, as the leaves had totally fallen within days of this photo.

Another photo walk complete.

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: A Photo Walk

  1. Wow Andrea, those colors in your final image are amazing, so glad you caught them. As for the deer “checking you out” one day last summer I was on my bicycle when a doe and her fawn came sauntering out of the woods. I stopped to photograph them and the fawn ran back into the woods (well trained I guess 🙂) the doe, on the other hand, sauntered right up to me and began licking the salt from my sweaty legs. Kind of freaked me out to be honest, and she was too close for the long lens I had on my camera so no good photos. So maybe your deer was checking to see if you’d worked up a sweat yet !!

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    1. Wow Tina! That’s an amazing encounter. She must have sensed a friendly (and salty!) presence in you. I would have been freaked out too and might have been too startled to take a photo. I think your experience may help define the phrase being “one with nature” 🙂


  2. Wow — that’s a graphic demonstration of what happens when it stops raining! It’s similar to my series of Lake Cachuma photos, although it happens much faster in a small pond. I hope you get some good rain this winter! Love seeing the deer family and the fall colors!

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    1. Thank you! Mother Nature provided magnificent colors, didn’t she…(and I am always on the lookout for the deer 🙂). I also hope the winter rain and snow help with the drought. Time will tell.


  3. I’m so happy to see the deer photos. I think Bear and I might try to sneak out there today to see what we can. There are still a few golfers sneaking onto the course even though it’s formally closed, and we have to cross it to get to the fields beyond. The trees are beautiful — the only color of fall trees in my part of Colorado is golden. It’s beautiful, too, but I remember the deciduous forest along the Missouri River where I played as a kid. Your trees bring that to mind.

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    1. Thank you Martha. I guess I can’t take the fall colors here for granted – I figured they were the same wherever the leaves changed! Oh, I hope you get past the golfers to see “your” deer. How cool that would be 🙂

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  4. Oh my gosh, the colorful trees are glorious! Glad you got the shot before the leaves fell. As for the deer, I love that they saunter, don’t run from you and your camera–I suspect they sense you’re a calm and benevolent soul!

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  5. I never go on a walk without my camera except when I take my dog for a walk because it just doesn’t work. Taking photos while out getting exercise is like a two-fer! Fantastic photos you have here! 🙂

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