Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: A Labor of Love

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #113: A Labor of Love


When you are only 13 years old and decide to sew a patchwork quilt for your parents, it’s a labor of love. That’s what my daughter did 25 years ago amidst her very busy life as a middle school student.

She sewed our Christmas gift that year (and I think it took all year!)…by machine and by hand and presented her father and me with a quilted king sized bedspread, which has lasted to this day.


Christmas Day 1995

40 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: A Labor of Love

  1. Andrea, I was so in hopes that someone would post a quilt as a labor of love! My mom was a quilter, and her hobby took up one whole bedroom, the den, and the kitchen table most days. But I didn’t mind. The quilt you’ve shown us is a treasure, one that will always be. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you understand about quilts. It really is a huge project – and this one is indeed a treasure! I also have one that my greatgrandmother (!) made that is carefully tucked away. I am sure it is over 100 years old. But perhaps I should get it out and display it!

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  2. This is really a treasure, an heirloom as you say. 13 years old and made this on her own – and for her parents. SHE is the greatest treasure too, I understand if you are proud of her! β™₯

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