Lens-Artists Challenge: Sanctuary

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #108: Sanctuary

This week we invite you to share what Sanctuary means to you, where you find it or how you create your place of calm and healing.


“Preserve, within a wild sanctuary, an inaccessible valley of reverie.”

Ellen Glasgow

sanctuary path
June 2020

Since the pandemic started, the Squamscott River that runs through Exeter, NH has been my sanctuary of sorts. The town “parkway” runs next to it and has been closed to traffic since March. Walkers have been able to go “one way” on the sidewalk and “one way” back on the street towards downtown. Social distance and all.

It is peaceful and calming…and what more could I ask for during these times?…

Unsure of what’s to come…

window sanctuary
August 2020

A chance to step back from life’s new realities.

sanctuary river
July 2020

Reflect on what remains to give comfort.

sanctuary reach
August 2020

A sanctuary…a safe place.

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: Sanctuary

  1. Beautiful images and what a blessing to be able to walk by the river. It looks and feels like a peaceful place to be. Thank you so much for this lovely contribution to the challenge πŸ’™

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  2. Such a lovely place to find your sanctuary and escape the uncertainty of our times. Being next to water has always brought me a sense of peace. In the first photo,the tinge of peachy-yellow in the sky and its reflection in the river is so beautiful. ❀

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    1. Thank you Olga. There is just something that draws us to water. That first photo is a favorite of mine – the light was just right and there I was. Reflections always seem somewhat magical to me. ❀️


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