Macro Monday: Leaf Window

BeckyB JulySquares: Perspectives


Look what I found…

A leaf with a window or two or three. For peaking! Those were my first thoughts when capturing this image.

However, on closer inspection…maybe it’s a one-eyed leaf with a lot to say?

leaf window

But from another perspective…

leaf window

…an appearance of thoughtful quiet.

I think I’ll stick with that.

11 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Leaf Window

  1. Think that’s best, because if it’s talking, it’s out of one side of its mouth, and we know how that goes!
    Either way, I love the color! We city folk who are leaf-deprived salute you.

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    1. Thank you Ellen. I have to say I agree with you – sometimes the less talking the better! Oh, yes, I would miss the green too if I was in the city. I hope you are doing well πŸ™‚


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