V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #97: risk-reward

Using the the prompt words is not required, as long as you demonstrate the concept of risk-reward.


And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

Erica Jong


I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve navigated more than enough life changes in the last few months. (And that doesn’t even begin to address a one-more-thing aggravation that WordPress is up to tomorrow…June 1st…when the powers-that-be change the editing format whether we like it or not…)

On the much more important front…

Everything…now…is about being careful. Staying safe. To reduce your risk of catching the virus. 

I get it. I really do. I struggle with health issues. I am a living breathing high risk demographic.

Vigilance is required. There is no relaxing since every action involves weighing the risk to your health. And the health of any person nearby…or at least within a 6 foot radius.

I know I am not alone.

Every action triggers a question…
Do I wear the mask in the car?
Do I wear the mask down the empty hall and one flight of stairs to get the mail?
Do I wear it into the garage where everyone parks?
If I don’t wear it everywhere, will I breathe in a virus particle and not know it?
Have I already done it and will it make me sick?
Now what…?

And that isn’t even the complete list of questions that ricochet in my mind when I am out in public. When encountering other grocery shoppers in the one way aisles…what is wrong with these people who aren’t wearing masks? Do they really not care about the risk to themselves…or anybody nearby?

Trying to make an informed decision about even the simplest activity becomes increasingly exhausting. Nobody in charge seems to really know what is going on. Critical thinking can grind to a halt at a moment’s notice.

I used to be a risk taker. To a point. At least I thought so. I climbed trees. Crawled across a roof. Jumped my bike over curbs. I hitchhiked. Smoked cigarettes until my late twenties. If you think about it, every action you take involves a risk of some kind. Perhaps we just adapt.

But this is different. This pandemic. I am older and supposedly wiser. They say you get more afraid of risk as you age. Whoever “they” are don’t realize that many of “us” are much younger in our heads. So there is still a bit of a risk taker inside me shouting I don’t like it ONE BIT that I can’t jump (well more like walk carefully) on a plane to go see my kids and grandson…or share a table with a group of friends at lunch…or walk on the beach.

The clock is ticking. I’m wearing a mask, keeping my distance and not getting any younger. I don’t have much more patience to be patient.

The rewards are far too precious.

25 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Every time I’m in the grocer, there are always a few not wearing masks, including parents with little children. Very ignorant. I read the About on this new editor, it mentioned we can opt-out to continue with the legacy editor, many I be correct! If I have to use that damn editor, I may leave WP.

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    1. I know, it’s frustrating to say the least! About the editor, I communicated with WP and we can opt to stay with the original classic or a classic block instead. I use the updated classic, which is neither. This Happiness person said they will be phasing out support for the classic over time. Grrr.


  2. You have captured the experience very well. I haven’t ventured out near people for months and then my husband invited me to come to the landscaping place. I forgot to bring a mask, so watched from the parking lot, as some people came in twos, some with masks, some without, and realized the confusion is widespread. Is the virus laughing? Stay safe friend. With warmer weather, hopefully we’ll find away to be social again.

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    1. Thank you. I agree, the confusion does appear to be widespread. Which just adds to the uncertainty and anxiety. I see the fear in the eyes above the masks. You stay safe too. Let’s enjoy the warmer weather 🙂

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  3. My friend and I were talking about this on the phone. We talked about taking a social distance hike together. My job to organize it. No one has said no, but no one has said “When.” Since I have no commitments, I leave that up to my friends.

    I have to take Teddy to get his shots this week. The lobby at the vet is now open, but I don’t want to go in. I don’t have to. They’ll bring Teddy’s shots out to the car or come and get Teddy. Does that make me a coward? I don’t think so. I live in a place where people have very strong “pro-mask” and “anti-mask” feelings. I’ll stay outside.

    It’s just weird.

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    1. Oh yes it is very weird. I don’t think it makes you a coward. I think it’s a smart move. Teddy gets the shots and you easily stay safe. I’ve taken socially distant walks – very surreal. Trying to have a conversation (with or without masks) plus the actual distance between my friend and I is filled with a lot of “what did you say?” (Who has perfect hearing at our age?) And it’s just so odd. Good luck on your hike – hope it happens.

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      1. Thank you. I think the losses tend to get spread around. I don’t walk that great but I hear well and have a good memory. My friend Elizabeth (who’s 79) can run, but she can’t remember words and sometimes can’t hear. My friend Karen, who’s 68, my age, THINKS she’s forgotten things she hasn’t. 😀 I will certainly write a blog post if it happens.

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  4. You’ve spoken well, my friend. We’re weary and just about flat out of patience to adapt to one more thing…and then a funny thing happens, and we bounce back, regroup, ready to roll forward again…not back up, wearing The Face (frowning mad “I’ve had it” face). The ageing things can definitely put The Face on me–as you said, in my mind I’m still young! I’m sure you’ll be fine with the new WP format issues…if I could manage it in the wee hours, anyone can do it during “normal” hours 🙂 Much love to you ❤

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. We are weary – that’s a really good way to put it! Figuring out the new format (which I haven’t seen happen yet) will happen in time. Congrats to you for figuring it out 🙂


      1. I wonder now, re WP–if the new Block format will only affect those getting new blogs…who knows? I’m no expert, that’s for sure–but just getting a post up and published did encourage me that I’m not so dumb and decrepit after all, haha!

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      2. Oh well–I don’t understand the need for the change. There was nothing wrong with the classic editor, so I don’t get it. And I’ll be curious to see if WP loses a lot of people to blogspot or the other platforms. Have a good week, Andrea–we have bigger fish to fry, right? 🙂

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