So Many Tops

BeckyB April Square Tops

I am hoping our April theme will keep our heads held high and help fill our lives with social connections and squares filled with joy….The theme is top, and you don’t have to go outside to find topping squares…Create your post with a square photograph


Nice blouse!

Thanks, but…um…no this isn’t a blouse…

Nice shirt?…

Well, not really…


It’s a TOP.

So how do you adequately explain what isn’t a blouse or a shirt exactly? I never could figure that out.

Perhaps it’s a gender thing. Not something I ever prefer to default to. However…

Defining a top is harder than you think. Especially to a guy whose wardrobe basically consists of: button down shirts that go with a tie, mock turtlenecks and short sleeve T-shirts. Technically, not a top to be found.

Whereas, I have plenty of examples….so fortunately explanations are no longer necessary. 🙂

Tops Collection


18 thoughts on “So Many Tops

      1. Since I just wear T-shirts I’m sadly out of the “fashion loop” 🙂 I used to wear “tunic tops” a lot, still have a few in the back of the closet 🙂

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  1. An excellent collection! I’ve noticed a few clothing companies putting skirts and trousers in the same category, called bottoms. It’s not quite a pet hate yet, but I always crinkle my nose at it.

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      1. We could call shoes ‘leg bottoms’, but I can’t see that catching on! My sweetheart used to call them artificial paws when he was telling his old dog to wait while he put them on to take him for a walk.

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