Lens-Artists Challenge #91: Simplicity

Show us what simplicity means to you. 

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #91: transported

In the midst of chaos, what transports you to simpler times?


I was struck by the synchronicity of my two favorite blog challenges this week. Both numbering 91. It seemed quite natural to combine them together.

To be honest, the current – as V.J. so aptly describes it – chaos has made me want to crawl into a corner and wait for “this” to be over. However, that only momentarily happens in my imagination – and as tempting as it sounds, I realize it is not a tenable solution.

Being trapped. Isolated. Cut off from what I love to do and who I love to be with will never be a “new normal” no matter how long “this” lasts. I know the confusing uneasiness hovering everywhere isn’t unique to me. So there is solace in knowing…as is written with colored chalk on town sidewalks and on “Closed for Now” signs taped to store windows…We’re All In This Together.

Yes, we’re all in this together…at least six feet apart.

It’s far from simple or easy to understand. Too much change too fast. Too much horror for too many around the world.

So I try to remember nature’s simple pleasures.

My favorite spots…unchanged by the invisible invader lurking in all of our lives.

Where I am transported to “before.”

Whether it be the familiar soothing sound of the surf.

simple beach

Or a calm quiet place to rest.

simple bench

It’s worth holding on to the simple things.

rising bud

As we wait…each in our own way…


30 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Love your thoughts. We are apart but not with all of this technology; phones, zoom, texting, photographs, messaging, Facebook, videos, web cams. It has been truly amazing to see.

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  2. BRAVO, Andrea!! I take comfort that the necessary “social distancing” has, for the most part, brought many people together via Internet. Today, having gone out for groceries–in the event I’m forced to quarantine for 14 days–I felt stressed, kind of hit a wall temporarily. My thought was, “I’ve had enough of this now–I want it OVER”. But I didn’t succumb to a crying jag, so that’s a plus 🙂 My friend in IL emailed some humor: a picture of a woman wearing a cone-shaped party hat which covers nose and mouth–pointy end out, like a beak. I wish I had the guts to get one, and wear it to the grocery store–which is the only place I go 🙂 Take care of you–I keep your family, and the world, in my prayers ❤

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    1. Thank you Leslie 🙂 I appreciate your thoughts. And I agree! Going to the grocery store is stressful. The cone mask does sound funny. Perhaps it would at least momentarily break the tension. You take care as well!


  3. Hi Andrea. 🙂 I found comfort in the beautiful simplicity of your photos. There is a overwhelming sense of nostalgia these days when viewing scenes from the past and a yearning for the waiting to over with.

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  4. This was lovely, and poignant. Beautiful photographs.

    I don’t know you other than your words and photos and comments on mine but I would hug you if I saw you. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. Thanks for sharing your life from so far back. (I have everything from when I was 9 also…)

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    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words. I guess we are both savers of the childhood memories! I have a very strong feeling that the hugging would be mutual 🙂


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