Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #86: Cliché

Those pesky clichés pop up everywhere. This week let’s have fun with them.


Not all clichés make sense to me…




Don’t cry over spilled milk comes to mind…

I never believed that one, as my mother always cried over the spilling of beverages of any kind – especially milk – when I was a kid. Fit to be tied, she’d start freaking out and crying if one of her children reached thoughtlessly for the salt shaker and accidentally knocked over his or her cup. She’d have a cow as milk soaked the tablecloth and puddled on the floor.

Plain and simple…I grew up believing milk spilling was a major personal flaw deserving of tearful high drama.

Take it from me…crying over spilled milk happens more often than you think. Rest assured…that cliché does not always ring true.

The calm before the storm? – right before the milk spilled. That one makes sense. Mealtime with my siblings was usually giggly and spirited, but calm…ish.

On the other hand

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

And hopefully…time heals all wounds…

Or perhaps…laughter IS the best medicine.

To help you live happily ever after…

One day at a time.

And now…to circle back

Be careful with that glass of milk…

Better safe than sorry.

High Chair 1
Two Peas in a Pod


17 thoughts on “Clichéd

  1. Love how you related those cliches to your childhood. I was lucky because my mother couldn’t speak English well and had no cliches to wheel around, but in later years she did pick one up that she used sporadically. “Life is not fair.” Love your childhood photo, Andrea. 🙂

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