Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

Inspired by Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #83: Future


Today was all about the future.

It was voting day in New Hampshire.

I live in the state which holds the first Primary in the race for President of the United States. Hordes of candidates have been campaigning here during the last year. Speeches. Rallies. Town Halls. Visits to local diners. Television and radio ads. Much shaking of hands and thousands of selfies.

I won’t go into all the drama and teeth gnashing that defines today’s politics. Much of it polarizing and potentially toxic within families and friendships – where differences of opinion exist.

This is not about a particular candidate.

What I want to focus on here is the wonder of living in a country where we actually have the right to vote. A chance to shape our future.

Express our opinions, as diverse as they are. Hopefully with respect.

Sometimes that goes well and sometimes it doesn’t.

Today it went well. I was more than happy to wait for a parking place at the packed voting site. It signaled a large voter turnout. People taking this responsibility seriously. Perhaps it meant less voter apathy. I hope I’m right.

To vote is to put your voice to work for everyone’s future. All the candidates promise – in one way or another – a better future. Whether that be health care, tackling climate change, jobs…and my favorite since my teenage years: promoting peace. World peace. How we all need to get along…better.

I was greeted by campaign reps standing outside with their signs. Media personnel conducting random interviews.

No shouting. Just friendly hellos and smiles.

primary walk


voting sign
Once inside…


…show ID and find a booth

As a two party system, you must choose a Democratic or Republican ballot for a primary election.

My ballot

So many choices.
[As far as I know, a $1,000.00 filing fee is all that’s needed to get your name on the ballot]

Last but not least…leave the pen!



Let’s hope we vote for a bright and prosperous future for us all.

Time will tell.

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

  1. Perfect timing, as you say! It really is a privilege and a responsibility to vote. I hope you are right about more people voting now. Our future depends upon it. Truly a Perfect choice for the challenge.

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    1. Thank you! I am really passionate about this – for me, there is a reverence to the experience unlike no other. Citizens who live where they have the right to vote should never take it for granted. I agree with you – our future depends on it.

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  2. Your voting experience is different from ours. No one is allowed to stand with signs close to the door into the polling place. Nor are photographs allowed inside the polling place. We, of course, are encouraged to vote, but maybe because this state isn’t in the national spotlight like yours is, our experience is more low-key. Thanks for a glimpse into how you do things there.

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    1. I always find it interesting how different states set up their voting. Signs are only allowed outside here. There are large notices posted inside and out about how you can’t wear or display campaign signs of any type inside the polling place. There is nothing about photographs, although I was quite discreet. And I know the media has taken photos of the booths, etc. Thanks for sharing your experience. Low-key can have its positives!

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  3. Several times I’ve tried to follow you and WP acts weird. There are a couple other blogs, but I appreciate your blog and this post is lovely. “No shouting just friendly smiles and hellos.” That’s life here in the back of beyond, too.

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    1. I wonder what is going on with WP. Grr. Maybe that will clear up at some point. But I am glad you dropped by for this post. Apparently the country was watching us here…our process on display. I hope we launched the right candidates. I did my part. :). Nice you have the laid back friendly atmosphere in your world. We can all use that.

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      1. Respect and agreeing to disagree. I find that is the case among most people I know personally. (Not always the people that make the news though)
        We certainly do need each other. I believe we have more in common than not.

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