6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Boy, does that photo have a lot to say! I mean on one level, it’s just a good photo of a deer in a driveway, but there’s so much more it stirred up … who is in whose world? Should the house move?
    Are they compatible? Is yellow a good color for a deer?

    It looks almost like the deer is tempted to try civilization … like she could knock on the door and ask for tea and biscuits …

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    1. Yes! It struck me in many of the same ways. I was rounding the bend on a walk in a nearby neighborhood when out steps this deer from the nearby woods. She just stood there looking at me as I stopped walking (long enough for me to take this pic!). It was kind of surreal. As if she was ready to make an announcement. Or ask what I was doing there. Or “please wait so I can cross the street” – which I did.
      So many word bubble possibilities.
      I like your questions as well 🙂
      (this same scenario happened again another time when I was on a walk in the woods behind my building – but no pics. We just stared at each other)


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