Photo a Week: Babies

Inspired by Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge:Β Babies

Super cute, super funny, super whatever, human, animal, or whatever, we want to see your babies!


I don’t need much inspiring when it comes to baby pictures. And there’s no way I can limit this post to three photos. Be warned.

I have always believed that babies are the most fascinating subjects for photography. They are just…who they are. Their faces…their expressions…. Transparent. Open.

Happy. Sad. Tired. Bored. Sleepy. Curious….the list is endless.

Choosing just a few family photos for this challenge was…challenging! They were all taken with a Canon 35mm (film) camera – except for the last one which was with an iPhone.

When my kids were babies, I took a weekly photo during their first year. I think they got used to it…all I know is I got some interesting glimpses into their personalities.

For instance, my 10 month old son first thought it was hilarious…then not so sure……then I’m outta here.

My daughter loved getting her picture taken anytime, anywhere.

kris baloons

Although easily distracted by rug or blanket fibers.

Which soon became an afternoon snack…fine motor skills already well developed.

When my grandson was 10 months old, he enjoyed his first tour in a shopping cart up and down the toy aisle with Grampa and me.


He was clearly amazed at the experience.



23 thoughts on “Photo a Week: Babies

  1. Oh gosh, these are so cute!! I agree that kids make fascinating photo subjects–and they’re so darn entertaining! I didn’t choose to be a mom–but when my nephew and niece were young, my mom was their daycare person, and I happened to be living with her at the time. Everyday was a laugh–I’ll share just one story: my sister and her husband both worked, so they dined out a lot–with the kids. Well, my niece enjoyed playing “restaurant”–she was about 4, and she’d stand with her little pad of paper and pencil to take our orders…but first she’d ask, “Smoking–or Not?” Still cracks me up to remember her “serious” little face!

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