Simple pleasures

Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #75: Satisfying

Take a moment for enjoyment, particularly the satisfying kind, and drop us a line to share.


The morning sun.
A steaming mug of coffee.
The day’s newspaper.

There’s nothing like it – particularly when you are retired, nest emptied…with no place you have to go.

I remember visualizing this possibility years ago…back in the days of hectic mornings. Getting kids ready for school. Homework! Lunch money! Permission slips! Hat! Coat! Ready Set Go!

Getting myself ready for work. Both paid and unpaid. And out the door before 8 am. Breakfast eaten in gulps. That ever important coffee…waiting until I arrived at my office. To be sipped throughout the morning…lukewarm to cold.

Mornings are different now…

The most satisfying part of my day is the uninterrupted time I have to eat breakfast. While I…slowly and quietly…wake up. And honor the part of me that is NOT a morning person.

And then…the highlight: I can enjoy drinking my coffee while it’s hot. As I read the local newspaper. A real paper. Without feeling guilty when it takes an hour…or more.

I quickly scan…and choose what to read first.

morning coffee 1

Until I find something positive.

morning coffee 2

For a satisfying start to the day.



19 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. Ah…now I’m jealous. My cup of coffee is cold, I’m late for work, even if it is at the same desk I’m typing on, and I haven’t even finished reading all the stuff I wanted to read! You make retirement in an empty nest sound so relaxing!

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  2. Isn’t retirement a wonderful step in life to slowdown and enjoy the morning moments. ❤ I was never a morning person and always struggled with the rush to get things done and out the door. Always yearned for the week-ends when I could sleep in and feel normal. 🙂

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