Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #72: Wish


Close your eyes.

Make a wish.

Blow all the candles out at once!

So your wish will come true…

birthday candles011 copy 2

A healthy baby.

One, then two.

Wish them strong and happy.

Wish they always follow their dreams.

Stay safe from year to year.

Wish them confident and sure.

Lives full of love



So thankful…

For all those years

I blew out every candle.

What do I wish for now?

walking together

More time.




17 thoughts on “Wishing

  1. Aw…adorable, love the expressions. And now you get to blow out candles with grandkids, you wouldn’t trade that for going back to get more time, right? Every moment we’re alive is precious! xx

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