Creeped out

Inspired by Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71: Creepy


I have one old example and one new example of creepy for this week’s challenge…

Inside Creepy

It was mid-morning on my day off.

I was sitting at the dining room table minding my own business. That is to say…finishing a mug of coffee and reading the local newspaper. A luxury I looked forward to.

Quiet. Peaceful. The sun shining outside…throwing a shaft of light through the window into the room.

I was all alone.

Or so I thought…

Until I noticed a soft buzzing sound that didn’t seem to make sense. I looked out the window. Nobody there. The street…empty.

I went back to reading. But I couldn’t concentrate. The buzzing grew louder…like the sound of blowing through paper folded over a comb. It seemed to be coming from above. I glanced at the ceiling and as my eyes shifted to the corner, I saw something moving.

Something dark with tiny skinny legs (?) and maybe a wing (?). Poking down from the corner of the ceiling. Trying to join me while I finished my coffee. Making its way through the wallboard between the dining room and the second floor.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed a dark discoloration extending from the corner out a few inches. And as I got nearer to the squiggling grossness, the buzzing increased.

I was…alarmed…to put it mildly.

I called the local exterminator, who arrived within the hour.

It turned out to be a wasp…

And, as we discovered later when we repaired the ceiling, a wasp with a large family in a very creepy nest.

creepy wasps copy
Inside Creepy


Outside Creepy

Low tide at the ocean usually reveals all kinds of hidden treasures.

During a walk along the beach one day this summer, I discovered – amongst the seaweed and shells and stones – the remnants of lobster traps. Old lobster traps. Broken. Slimy. Icky.

Downright creepy in the afternoon light.

creepy pots
Outside Creepy





27 thoughts on “Creeped out

  1. OMG that wasp’s nest is truly frightening! That happened to our kids only theirs was a huge nest of bees behind their guest room wall. I would be SO creeped out!!! BTW a cup of coffee and a quiet start to the day with the local paper is also my idea of the perfect morning 😊

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  2. I’m glad you got rid of the wasps! They must have been many to have heard them inside your wall. It’s creepy how many things both man made and not that lie underwater. As a kid on the lake, I feared what could be down there!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wasps can be very creative in their home building. I’m creepy in relishing in the joy of destruction of their efforts. Yikes! Lobsters are bottom dwellers – they eat and climb through poop, don’t they? Eww…

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