Inspired by Lens-Artists Challenge #62: Silhouettes


After a recent long walk up and down the shoreline at the beach, I noticed a row of seagulls perched on the roof of a shelter near the parking lot.

I assumed they were taking a rest from a long day of swooping down on unsuspecting tourists and their dropped chunks of sandwiches, fried dough and chips. Always on the lookout. Always hungry.

They didn’t seem to mind being photographed.

seagulls on roof


A couple of years ago, another beach goer on the lookout…who didn’t know he was being photographed.

silhouette beach




19 thoughts on “Silhouettes

  1. Your post this week really nails the challenge. Your second shot has all the elements. It sparks a sense of mystery, it is a great composition, and the lines/texture of the sand are fantastic and draw our eyes upward to the silhouette. Well done!

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  2. both photos go well together and the closing one – the man right and rock left – makes the photo so balanced.
    and the gulls – how fun to have them lined up – and you are right – tired from pestering people – lol
    and just saw a post with a Seattle gull sculpture and the gulls are huge – I will share the link so you can check it out

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