Airport Angles

Inspired by Lens-Artist Challenge #59: Angles

During a recent trip home from Washington DC we flew out of Reagan National Airport. The interior of Terminal B caught my eye as I walked from one end to the other before going to the gate. I was intrigued by the amount of artwork and use of the color yellow throughout the architecture. Perhaps for yellow’s calming effect?

Angles…everywhere! At every angle.

I took the first photo at one end of the very long hall looking up at the ceiling.

airport one

The second photo…pivoting to the right, facing the windows and blue sky.

airport two

It was a very picturesque day for flying.

13 thoughts on “Airport Angles

  1. So many angles! A beautiful building and choice for the challenge. Looking up is almost always a good thing! Love that little line of art running through the glass as well.

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