Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Inspired by Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #58: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue


My entry for this week’s challenge dates back to 1980.


house 19800

When thanks to a first-time homeowners federal loan program…we were able to borrow 95% of the dollars needed to purchase our first home.

A new four room cape on a half acre lot. Simple and small. Two bedrooms. Living room. Kitchen. One bathroom. Full basement. Unfinished attic.
With my father-in-law’s help we planted new shrubbery. Those tiny rhododendrons eventually reached the windows.

We chose Potomac Blue for the color…which changed 6 years later to Barn Red…and 5 years later to We-Are-Tired-of-Painting white vinyl siding.

What was this land before the builder covered it with houses?

Old farm land.



18 thoughts on “Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

      1. That’s a really interesting question! I just figured out the relative square footage and…the size of our condo is more than the original house was (before the addition and the garage, etc.). Apparently we ended up with more stuff post children. Important stuff apparently!
        I never thought of the comparison before. We just discussed how that house would be way too small for us now – in many ways!!

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      2. Thanks for considering the question. That’s intriguing. It is fun to see what we feel we need to hang on to. Important stuff is right – and just the right amount of space to make it feel like home.

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