Inspired by One Word Sunday: Profile


Many years ago…

During a rare visit from long distance family, I caught this moment of rest for three very sweaty and tired cousins. Collapsed on the living room floor after a hot August day spent playing outside in our backyard. More than ready for some down time.

My son and two of his cousins…watching television all in a row.

cousins 1993014 copy



13 thoughts on “Profile

      1. Hahah – the bic pen – never made tattoos with
        But do recall using that brand in 80s
        And when they had the colored pen packs –
        Side note – had a student gift me a TOL pen – smooth and nice – ever hear of them? Opposite of a Bic but not like Mont Blonc

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  1. Wonderful photo! I remember the temporary tattoos 🙂 And Bic pens were all I remember having, or using…this, and all the ads for school supplies, has me recalling the anxiety of yet another stressful school year roaring toward me like a freight train. But even so, kids today have it worse–rampant bullying and the constant fear of school shootings….mercy.

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