Tree of Blue

Inspired by Becky’s Blue July Squares


blue tree


This blue tree is part of an art installation at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH (USA).

The Blue Trees is an environmental community art installation by Konstantin Dimopoulos in which trees have been temporarily transformed with environmentally safe blue pigment to stimulate awareness and discussion of global deforestation, while engaging the community in art activity and dialogue.”

A fascinating sight to see at the entrance to this popular museum. Definitely an important (!) conversation starter.

21 thoughts on “Tree of Blue

    1. That’s a good question. I’m not sure when they were painted, but it was probably before they leaved out. I remember seeing them like that in March (as well as May when this photo was taken). The link on the quote gives more info.

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  1. I’ve sent a link to my sweetheart as it seems like a solution for crepe myrtle scale that is turning all the tree trunks black – for those patient enough to paint their trees, that is!

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    1. Good question! I found the answer on the museum’s website:
      “Why blue?
      The artist created a unique shade of blue because ‘there are no naturally blue trees.’ The artist believes that the color will draw people’s attention to the trees and create dialogue about why they are blue, why trees are important, and why art is important.”

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