Mug of Blue

Inspired by: Becky’s Blue July Squares


I drink coffee every morning. Always out of the same mug – which is the perfect size for me. Large.

My daughter recently updated my go-to mug as a birthday gift. Purchased from a local pottery in the Washington DC Monroe Street Arts Walk area; my grandson in tow. So, technically, they both chose it for me.

A unique – work of art mug – handmade by Kuzeh Pottery…which is owned by women.*

I like that!

And I love my new mug…a beautiful shade of blue…holding just the right amount of coffee.

blue mug



*I am hopeful that I live long enough to see women owned businesses so plentiful that mentioning this fact is redundant.




24 thoughts on “Mug of Blue

  1. It’s taller than my mug! I see this women-owned business thing all around today, don’t understand it. If a woman can fly a fighter jet, put her in the seat. If she can run a business, do it.

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  2. Aw, that’s a beautiful mug – I’d love drinking my daily dose of coffee out of that too! Special memories, and lovely encouragement you’ve shared for women entrepreneurs. My little sprout is attempting to do just that, so it’s nice to read of the movement of support. 🙂

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