Un-lived Lives

This post is inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #25: Un-lived Lives


Un-lived Life Messages


Come here.
Let me give you a big hug. 0222100832 copy
Tell me about your day.
I am so happy to see you.

I am having some problems.
I know I look sad

I will find someone to help me.
It’s not your fault.

Everything will be okay.
Even on bad days

I will take care of you.

My goodness don’t worry about me.
I am the grownup.
It’s my job to do the grownup things.
And fix the grownup problems.

I see that you are angry.
At me.
And you’re crying!
You don’t know?
Okay. Let’s talk about it.

Yes, you can tell me anything
Even when you are angry.
Even when you are sad.
I may get angry too.
Very angry.
And it will be all right.

Because I will always love you.

No matter what.

I promise.

11 thoughts on “Un-lived Lives

  1. Wow. I always wonder too, how different it would have been if my parents had been there for me. But then, I think back, and wonder how really “there” I was for my own children. Seems an awful lot of just coping went on. This is so haunting, not by what is said, but by what is implied.

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      1. Yes, I agree. I remember asking a therapist once, if it was actually possible to break the cycle. She said each generation does better, which satisfied me as something worth striving for.

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