Tuesday Photo Challenge – Slippery

Here is my entry for this week’s challenge hosted by Dutch goes the Photo

The theme this week is “Slippery”

When I think slippery, I think “slip and fall” and…snowstorms.
When I was a kid, a snowstorm was exciting and often meant a day off from school. Making snow forts. Snowball fights. Snowmen.
Slipping and falling were part of the fun.

Not fun any more…

As a (former) homeowner, winter storms also meant:

First: Admiring the pretty snow.
Second: Taking photographs.
Third: Removing the snow from the front walk & driveway…with a shovel..or a snowblower…or both.
Fourth: Taking more photographs.

Below is a photo from February 2014 after a major snowfall.
I had just finished clearing the front walkway.

Still slippery though.




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