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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #19: Distance



Keep Your Distance

Tenth grade geometry:
A line is the shortest distance
Between 2 points.

What about that line.
How short? How long?
Too distant or not distant enough.
A fragile boundary easy to cross
When powerful
And powerless
Despite the signs.
The warnings
Balancing on the edge.

The line wavers.
And it’s too late.
When decades later
With exhaustion
It is rediscovered
Painfully unbalanced
No points at either end.

Keep your distance.
For time in front.
Space to breathe.
Space to heal.
Space for self.







3 thoughts on “Distance

  1. I feel like this poem could be applied to so many situations – “a fragile boundary”, “balancing on the edge”, how the line wavers, disappears, lacks points. Healing happens with space. Your words really touched me. Thanks for this.

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