Lens-Artists Challenge #90: Distance

Lens-Artists Challenge #90: Distance

…These days, everyone’s talking about and hopefully practicing “Social Distancing”. Since it’s something we should all be doing, we thought a challenge focused on DISTANCE might be an appropriate reminder of its importance.


I hope that sometime in the not so distant future we never need to hear the term “Social Distance” again. Which ought to be called “Physical Distance” – a more accurate description. A time of anxiety…and often loneliness. For me and most everyone I know.

I am very thankful for the connections that social media and FaceTime and Zoom and Skype offer us. However…I increasingly miss actual three dimensional flesh and blood face to face conversation. A rectangular screen is no substitute for a big bear hug. One little hand holding yours. Catching up with friends over lunch at a favorite restaurant.

At times it feels like I briefly stepped into a nightmare I had as a child…where I got off the school bus in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Panicked, I ran up and down empty streets from house to house unable to recognize any as my own. Until I woke up, heart racing, groggy, straining my eyes in the dark until I finally realized it was just a dream.

However…now for very good reasons…we do what we have to do. Distancing ourselves.

I know that someday I will wake up from this surreal existence. In the meantime, I try to remember how beautiful distance can actually be…

When I purposely sought out being alone.

sand footprints

Comforted by an empty path through the trees.

path ahead

Offering a glimmer of hope.

distance sun

In the distance.


This post is inspired by:

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #19: Distance



Keep Your Distance

Tenth grade geometry:
A line is the shortest distance
Between 2 points.

What about that line.
How short? How long?
Too distant or not distant enough.
A fragile boundary easy to cross
When powerful
And powerless
Despite the signs.
The warnings
Balancing on the edge.

The line wavers.
And it’s too late.
When decades later
With exhaustion
It is rediscovered
Painfully unbalanced
No points at either end.

Keep your distance.
For time in front.
Space to breathe.
Space to heal.
Space for self.