Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lift

Here is my entry for this week’s challenge hosted by “Dutch goes the Photo”


The theme this week is “Lift”

Lifting brings to mind the story of a maple tree. A crimson king maple tree to be exact.

We planted this maple tree with great care a few months after moving into our new bare-bones house and 1/2 acre. A young tree, it was just beginning to grow, as our young family was too.

Thirty five years later, the tree had grown at least 40 feet high…wedging itself between the deck and garage we also built along the way. We planned them both around this tree, but it wasn’t enough space in the end.

The tree had to go. And it had to be lifted from the back yard, swung around to the front, lowered and then put through the chipper.

Exactly a year after we said goodbye to this tree, we signed the papers to sell our no-longer-bare-bones home and its half-acre.

Tree’s End – Lifted Away


Shortly before liftoff
1980 tree003
Tree’s Beginning – 35 years earlier


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