Lens-Artists Challenge: Colors of Autumn

Lens-Artists Challenge #167: Colors of Autumn


The colors of Autumn are peeking out…little by little…in my northeast corner of the US. I have chosen some old favorites to share in this challenge, as I think Autumn (once it gets going in my neighborhood) is the most colorful season (sorry Spring!).

There’s nothing like blazing red, orange and everything in between when you look up. It all seems to happen overnight or close to it.

Leaves crunch underfoot. I marvel at the uniqueness of each one. I know it’s nature and the leaves’ final stage of life, but perhaps the blaze of color is its glorious send-off after shading us all summer…

Gourds are once again arriving at grocery stores and farm stands. Their colors and textures…so unlike the vegetables of summer. They’ve always struck me as strange in a cool sort of way. I never know what to do with them (no decorating potential…Martha Stewart I’m not), but they deserve a photo.

I know that apples are available year-round at the grocery store – trucked in from somewhere, but Autumn is the time for apple picking in my local area. Fresh off the trees, branches weighted down…there’s nothing like it. Orchards are busy in September & October…morphing into destination spots for festivals, bluegrass music, hayrides and apple cider donuts. And apples. Lots of apples.

Last but not least, there is orange once more…not just leaves…but pumpkins too – so plentiful in Autumn. Pumpkins to set out on your porch as a festive nod to the season…but when our kids were growing up…the first step was carving jack ‘o lanterns. Very important preparation for placing a lit candle inside on Halloween night.

Hand a knife to a 5 year old and look out!

Careful creativity in the making….

Daddy and budding artist daughter

Apple Tops

April marks the beginning of a new squares challenge from BeckyB at The life of B

…I am hoping our April theme will keep our heads held high and help fill our lives with social connections and squares filled with joy….The theme is top, and you don’t have to go outside to find topping squares…Create your post with a square photograph,


I am hoping that an apple a day keeps the coronavirus away.

Maybe yes, most likely no.

But why not give it a try?

After being thoroughly washed and scrubbed, these four apples posed for a photo…cooperating to form a perfect square.

Their tops all shiny…clean…and virus free.

apple square


A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

Nancy Merrill Photography is hosting a photo challenge:

The theme this week is: Through Glass


Apple Crisp is a favorite in my home any time of year, but especially in the fall when local apples are for sale in the supermarket.

A simple recipe with Macintosh apples topped with a mixture of oats, gluten free flour, butter, brown sugar, apple pie spice, cinnamon & lemon juice. It IS all about the topping, so we go heavy on that.

This afternoon’s result…in a glass baking dish…

Ready to bake!