Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Flower

This post inspired by Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge. The topic: Flower of Any Kind



I’ll admit it was strange to view flowers in anything but color, but I decided to explore my favorite flower photos with an open mind. And eye.

I was intrigued to discover how much I was drawn to the black and white version of the two “tulip survivors” from our former home. The two that were still bursting through the hard packed side yard after more than 30 years.

It seemed fitting to give them an antique look…

Version 2




When you turn three, maybe you can count that high.

With your fingers. Grapes on your plate. Cheerios. Green beans.

My grandson turned 3 today.  I was lucky enough to travel to Washington, DC to spend the weekend with him, his parents and his dog.

And attend…two parties.
One with his friends yesterday.
One with family today.


Two days filled with doing his favorite things…

Climbing. Running. Jumping. Giggling. Singing. Eating. Walking. Talking. Baseball. Basketball. Shouting…

Grandma Come!


Saturday Party at the Park

…Backhoes. Dump Trucks. Front Loaders. Construction Cones…everywhere!


bday morning
Sunday morning


Birthday morning visit to the National Zoo.  Lions…no tigers or bears…but monkeys, alpacas, an orangutang, cows, goats, donkeys, elephants and a gorilla family…oh my.



Afternoon with family from near and far. Sharing a small boy’s celebration of a third year of living life. Joyfully. Playfully. With energy to spare.

Blue eyes full of fun, love and mischief. Hints of his mother long ago, but mostly just uniquely him.

birthday 9th


Grampa and I fly home tomorrow.

We will look through the hundreds of photos we took.


And sleep.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Smiles

Cee’s challenge topic this week: Smiles

Back in the 1970’s my boyfriend went on a cross country road trip with his best friend. They intended to make it all the way from the East Coast of the US to the West Coast. In an orange Ford Pinto.

road trip car

They drove as far as Wyoming and realized they were running out of time. Before starting for home, my boyfriend insisted on stopping at a local arts and crafts store to buy a souvenir gift.

A small handmade metal sculpture of two grinning figures, crafted by a local artisan.

Which he gave to me – his girlfriend of 2 years – a few days later…

Saying with a huge smile…

This is US seeing each other again!


smiles 1




One year later we were married.


Also inspired by Nancy Merrill at Photo a Week Challenge.



This post inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #51: Green


tree 2 copy

This was the view outside my home a few days ago.

The color green is everywhere.

Spring time explains it…before the heat of summer dries the grass to a crispy brown.

There is something comforting about blue + yellow.

I chose green as the color for my first bedroom-of-my-own when I was 11 years old. Emerald green carpet. Green diamond patterned wallpaper (which I loved, even though it aggravated the paper hanger). The only green in the house. A marked contrast to my sisters’ purple and pink florals.

The woods I explored. The leafy tree I climbed. The grass I sprawled out on. Looking up…studying cloud formations.

When I was seven…my favorite dress.

My birthstone…

All green.


This post inspired by Lens-Artists Challenge #48

The Prompt: Wild

Want some fungus, Ma?

My son’s favorite joke when he was growing up.

I loved mushrooms. He did not. I think it was the texture, because when I chopped them up into really small pieces…he didn’t spot any in the tuna casserole.

If his eagle eye discovered any recognizable mushroom sections, he calmly plucked them out. And arranged them in a semi-circle around the edge of his dinner plate.

When his grade school education included a science lesson on what constitutes a fungus, his delight in passing on this gem of information was palpable.

It didn’t stop me from eating mushrooms however. Fungus or no fungus. They are delicious. And nutritious.

One day last year, during my walk around the neighborhood, I spotted a clump of wild mushrooms.

The color is what I noticed first.

This fungus did not end up in a tuna casserole.

wild mushrooms
Wild Mushrooms