Oddity at the Airport

BeckyB’s Squares Challenge: SquareOdds

I walked right by this row of pay phones (pay phones!) before realizing how odd it had become to see pay phones reminiscent of the “old days.” I then backed up and snapped this photo, complete with a portion of the Boston skyline painted on the wall above. In my hurry to reach my gate at Logan Airport I almost missed it.

Years ago, pay phones were enclosed in phone booths – with doors that closed – to give the caller some privacy and shelter from the weather when located outdoors. Even when located indoors they were usually set at a distance from each other or in a corner. There is no setup for privacy here. When you think about it, “privacy” is more of an illusion or distant memory (for some of us) in 2022 and has been that way for a while. It’s the odd (and in my opinion…unfortunate) reality of the cell phone internet age.

Logan Airport
Boston, Massachusetts

24 thoughts on “Oddity at the Airport

      1. While we are on the topic of phone booths – I thought they would be obsolete by now but when I was at a rest area last year – someone told me they try to have pay phones there (and with signs that signal the location) to help anyone in distress or to help anyone being trafficked l- so I guess we will see them for a while

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