Never mind…


park bench kids copy 2
June 2019


Never mind that my husband and I spent our 42nd(!) wedding anniversary Wednesday in our condo garage…wearing our finest face masks & work clothes. Emptying out our 2 storage units for hours. Yeah, we still have too much stuff, but oh well.

The Mold Remediation Company was scheduled for Thursday to clean all 32 units plus the entire garage.

It took hours to move all of our crap stuff into our parking spaces. We were joined by our fellow masked condo dwellers…many initially embarrassed by the exposure of hidden “treasures.” I can’t believe I still have so much stuff. The thing is, there used to be SO much more before we downsized. So, don’t worry about it.

Talk about lousy timing. But that’s 2020 for you.


[Never mind that I alerted the Condo Board to this issue 3 years ago and they didn’t listen to me. I told you so.]

Never mind that even after 4 repair attempts, the refrigerator’s lights still don’t work…and is limping towards its last days.

Never mind all of that.


On Tuesday we braved the local hospital’s outpatient lab to get Covid-19 tests, so we could be sure we weren’t infected (we aren’t). Even though we have no symptoms.

waiting room


Because we are going on a CovidCation.

Today we are driving to the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Pennsylvania to a house by a lake. We will enter a Covid tested bubble of love…to spend a quarantined 4 days with our “kids,” their spouse/partners, grandson and 2 dogs…most of whom we haven’t seen in 6 months or more.

My 4 year old grandson has been asking me on facetime…

Grandma are you excited to go to the lake house?


I sure am!

Never mind that we spent the better part of yesterday (Thursday, right?) moving our crap stuff back into the cleaned storage units. Followed by packing up clothing, supplies (so many supplies when you are older), and food. Hoping we made enough lists and remembered everything. The option of “we can buy it when we get there” is no longer okay…to stay safe.

If the stars align and health prevails, we will soon be on the road today: Friday. Six hour car trips are a huge challenge physically – and I haven’t attempted one in 3 years, but…

I’m excited to go to the lake house!

My daughter made a spreadsheet of the menu and I am also excited about that. We might even make s’mores – and I’ve been told they will be GF (Gluten Free aka Grandma Friendly).

So I may be absent from my blog until next week.

CovidCation here I come.

32 thoughts on “Never mind…

  1. Oh gosh, Andrea!! This phrase comes to mind: “It’s always somethin’, Rosanne Rosanna-Danna!” I can appreciate the frustration of having advised the powers that be of things which should have been addressed long ago–that always grinds me! But I’m vicariously enjoying your CovidCation with you–I hope you stock up on all things GOOD, lots of LOVE and family meals. When you come back–you may notice my blog is now Private; so I’ve sent you an “invite”, to accept if you want access to read and comment on my posts. No obligation, you made the short-list of my fave people! 🙂 My prayers go up for you and your family–a happy and safe trip. Much love to you, Leslie ❤


    1. Thank you so much Leslie. It was very much like the SNL character. It was one thing after another. We just got back from our CovidCation (which was wonderful by the way). I did try to stock up on lots of love and hugs. I will definitely sign up for your blog. I am honored to be invited. ❤️


      1. I knew you would relate to SNL, haha! I’m SO glad you had a good CovidCation–not many are able to take any kind of vacation break this year (so they continue rioting instead, sorry–it simply makes no sense to me). Wonderful that you could stock up on all the good family stuff–your grandson’s photo, and things you share that he’s said, always delight me so much! Thanks for accepting my invite–I think it will be nice to just have the peeps I’ve established some degree of relationship with–more manageable to read fewer blogs and feel obliged to comment 🙂 I’m “old” now and the limitations are harder to deny. See you again soon! Much love ❤

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