Who would have imagined…

Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #89: Imaginary

The word this week is imaginary. Respond in which ever way the muse moves you. Looking forward to your responses.


March 27, 2020

My life is surreal enough as it is right now. Fear is everywhere. The enemy…invisible.

Not just in my own little universe. Throughout the world…women, men and children are dipping their collective toes into unfamiliar murky waters. Trying to figure out this new “normal” as Stay Safe replaces Have Fun or Have a Nice Day.

Breaking News assaults us nightly. No escaping it if you want to stay informed.

This morning I went out to get gas for my car. Not that I am going too far, but a full tank of gas is one thing I can actually do. Alone.

Imagine my surprise when I glanced at the prices. WTH? I haven’t seen gas selling below $2/gallon in…forever it seems.

Although these days a month ago feels like forever.

Never in my wildest dreams (which aren’t all that wild, but you get my drift) would I have ever imagined panic buying of toilet paper. This morning I asked a neighbor if she needed anything at the store (yes, I had to run in and out for salad and bananas).

She thought a moment and then…”macaroni…and toilet paper?”

As if the second request would be a total miracle.

It turns out miracles do happen. Limit of one package per customer. My neighbor is rejoicing. I do what I can.

Now I have a full tank of cheap gas. In case I want to drive around the block. The governor just closed all state beaches, so I can’t drive to one of my favorite spots. Well, I could drive there, but I’m not allowed to walk the beach.

Apparently people were recently congregating too close together on the sand. Ruining it for those of us who would find some momentary peace and comfort walking six feet apart in the fresh air.

Imagine what would happen if I just went down there anyway.

Would I get arrested? I’ve never been arrested.

Imagine the report: Senior Citizen arrested for walking on the beach. Even though she was minding her own business and was six feet away from the nearest human.

Maybe worth it?

Nah…I think I’ll pass.

reflection 1
Hampton Beach, NH

These days my imagination continues to expand in epic proportions. Taking on a life of its own. Sometimes that’s not helpful…when it wakes me up at 3am.

This won’t last forever, I keep telling myself.

And then a sweet reminder…

How young children can cope in a world they don’t understand…

My daughter and my 3 ½ year old grandson took a walk yesterday. They live in Washington, DC. Their neighborhood…complete with sidewalks. Lined with trees.

She texted a photo and the story behind it…which she often does – and for which I am most grateful…

…On their walk my grandson carried a stick…

“a special sprayer he was using to spray the germs away….”

He also announced:

Mama, I will keep you safe from the germs. If you get covered in germs I will spray them all off of you. Then the germs will be all gone and we can go to parks, fields, schools, and go visit Grandma and Grampa.

Imagine that. ❤️


22 thoughts on “Who would have imagined…

  1. Best blog yet!!

    On Fri, Mar 27, 2020, 7:37 PM one letter UP ~ diary 2.0 wrote:

    > oneletterup posted: “Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #89: Imaginary > The word this week is imaginary. Respond in which ever way the muse moves > you. Looking forward to your responses. ~~~ My life is surreal enough as it > is right now. Fear is everywhere. The enemy…invi” >

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  2. Great post and photos. 😎 I read somewhere a day or two back that fuel prices are plummeting for lack of demand. These are where the prices should be, regardless. There are going to be some serious economic issues ahead for America. I suggest you turn the news off though for a period of time, better for you. I remember gas being below $1.00…

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    1. Thanks! Low demand and probably the price of oil being down (?). Anyway, I agree it seems more reasonable. I also remember gas being well below $1.00 too. The good old days 🙂 I may ration the news stations – good idea.

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  3. “Like”-ing this post is not enough. I LOVE this post. You go, woman! Walk that beach! Get arrested – but take pictures! Then put together another wonderfully entertaining OLU post! Can’t wait!

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  4. Oh my, I’m smiling big–your grandson is my new hero! I totally loved every word you wrote, Andrea. I don’t really understand the beach closings–is the sand so conducive to harboring germs? It’s a sincere question, as I don’t know. It’s funny that you should mention gas–as I was recalling when we had gas rationing, mid-70’s. I’m encouraged that you could get a package of TP–I sure hope that’s the case here, though I’m not out yet 🙂 Having survived my recent meltdown, I think I’m once again adjusting to the new normal with a positive attitude–I refuse to live in fear and despair, spent too much of my life there. God bless you!!

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    1. Thank you Leslie. I think they closed the beaches because people were hanging out there too close together. I do plan to go down there and walk along the street so I can at least see and smell the ocean. We’ll see what happens. I also remember the oil embargo of the 70s when waiting in line for a small amount of gas was the norm. I am glad to hear you have been able to shift your focus. It is horribly difficult to do that in these times. Maybe the meltdown gave you a “re-boot” so to speak. Hang in there 🙂


      1. You’re most welcome, dear friend–and yes, a “re-boot”–I love that!!! 🙂 Thanks for clarifying that it’s not the beach, or any location–it’s about “too close, exposure”. I hope you do get to the beach–take me with you in spirit, as I could use some salt-tang and a bit of spray…or just a look at something “bigger” than us, and virus concerns. ❤ 🙂

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