This post inspired by Ragtag Daily Prompt: Dream

Where am I?
These houses all look different.
I’ll keep walking. 
I know the school bus dropped me off at the same place.
How could I be…lost?
Did I make a mistake?
I’ll keep walking…maybe up ahead.

But that house is the wrong color.
And it’s up so high.
Oh no what should I do?

It’s so hard to walk up this hill.
Why won’t my legs move faster?

There was never a hill.
I don’t know what to do.
These are all strangers!

Where is my house?
Where is my family?
I’m all by myself.

A recurring dream from over 50 years ago…waking me up in the middle of the night. Heart hammering in my chest. Eyes snapping open in the dark. Hands clutching the sheets.

Relieved I was in my own bed…in my room..in my house…my breathing would eventually slow. My eyes closing…

Sleep would return to my 7 year old self.
My 8 year old self.
My 9 year old self.
The illusion of safety assured for another night.


6 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Those are scary dreams. I have had similar ones where I try to find my house, but it is all different on my street and I can’t find it, or if I find it it is all different inside with strangers in there.

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  2. Aren’t recurring dreams fascinating? Great job with finding words that provoke the feelings of a frustrating dream. I LOVE that photo – those boots and that coat, very fashionable!!

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  3. Thank you for your comment…and also glad you liked my fashion sense from back in the day haha. Although I suspect that was posed for whoever gave that outfit to me. I probably changed into sensible snow pants to go along with those boots…snow forts await!


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