A Photo a Week Challenge: Ready, set, action!

Nancy Merrill Photography is hosting a photo challenge:

The theme this week is: Ready, set, action! A photo or two that features movement of any kind.


Back in the 1990s my very active son showcased movements of every kind…all day. Every day. When he was 3 ½, I showed him how to dribble a basketball. And he was hooked.

Channeling all that energy into basketball conveniently coincided with the emergence of the 1992 Olympic Men’s Basketball Dream Team. And then, more specifically Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. My son would dribble & shoot for hours and hours with the Dream Team in our driveway. His imagination was active too.
He played basketball all the way through high school and grew to be 6’3″ tall.

In the (35mm) photos below, at the age of 7, he gives his father a workout.

basketball movement005

basketball movement004



2 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Ready, set, action!

  1. That team broke many hearts! We should have been Celtics fans since we lived in New England. But it was not to be. The Jazz did have worthy adversaries in Karl Malone & John Stockton though. 🙂
    Thanks so much for your kind words and your comment.


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