Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wonder

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Wonder

The wonders of the world? The wonders of nature?

How about the wonders of the food we eat? The colorful & crunchy vegetables that grow from the ground – if carefully tended and nurtured and harvested.

From the earth we need to take better care of…but that’s another blog post topic all together.

A huge light bulb moment in the 7th grade changed my life. I asked my science teacher Mr. Jackson about potassium. My mother needed to increase her intake and I thought he might know the answer. It was a chemical after all.

His answer? Broccoli. Bananas. He then gave me a list of high potassium foods. It was that simple.

I had no idea until that moment in time that natural foods were that important. And what “healthy” as an adjective in front of “food” could really mean. Eat. Chemical reactions in the body. Feel better.

I went on to study nutrition and dietetics in college. My career resulted. Thanks to Mr. Jackson. Teachers: another wonder.

A true wonder of the world? I believe it starts with vegetables. Broccoli…peppers…carrots….
And then, of course, fruits.

As I used to show my patients, drawing a line down the center of a paper plate (way before the publicized “My Plate” visual), vegetables should take up half your plate.
Not always a popular suggestion.

Vegetables may not be exciting.
But they are still a wonder…



peppers copy

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